System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

Quality Solutions Consulting's system design documentation and technical data support consists of assessing the business requirements. During this step, we discuss the business requirements with the business owners.  Through this discussion, we determine whether standard functionality will meet the requirements or custom programming will be required.  Next we write the functional and technical specifications.  This document clearly states exactly what the configuration, report, interface, conversion, programming, enhancement, and / or form will be delivered and how it will operate.  Then, we communicate the functional and technical specifications.  We distribute the documents to the project team for review.  A formal meeting is set up to review the functional and technical specifications with the business owners.  Business owners review for completeness and accuracy.  After the review, the business owners approve the documents by signing-off or returning the documents to the writers for modification.  After approval, the technical and functional development begins. Unit testing ensues after development. Testing ensures the development meets the requirements as specified in the specification document. If the development passes unit testing, then the development is quality reviewed.  The configuration, report, interface, conversion, programming enhancement, and / or form undergo quality testing.  This step ensures that the development is complete and the deliverable meets the requirements.  If there are discrepancies or issues, the deliverable is returned to be corrected. Upon approval, the development is sent to the business owners for testing.  The business owners review and test the deliverable to ensure it meets the business requirements as documented.  The business owners works with the project team to discuss any unexpected behaviors or issues prior to approving the deliverable.  If the deliverable passes the business owners review, then the business owners formally accepts the deliverable.  Upon acceptance, this closes the cycle.