Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

Quality Solutions Consulting (QSI) delivers full system development lifecycle (SDLC) services for custom applications including requirements and process definition, system design and documentation, system build, system testing, system deployment, implementation planning and rollout, training, and project management and leadership throughout the SDLC.

We utilize software engineering principles to develop custom applications with functionality that matches/updates/changes the client business processes based on defined requirements.  When a custom developed solution is needed, QSI follows industry best practices and Navy and Marine Corps coding standards to create each component identified in the design phase. Then, each component is tested to ensure it meets the specifications identified in the requirements.  

Quality Solutions Consulting (QSI) approach to system design is to have our consultants work with the client’s IT staff using software engineering principles to create a design for the database, user interface, and technical architecture. The design will identify the logical units of work (modules, programs and objects) that need to be coded, configured, and tested in the next phase. Also during the design phase, we work to select the best-fit technologies for the application architecture. 


The proper integration of a new application into the existing architecture is often a key step toward ensuring that the benefits expected from the new application are delivered. QSI has the technical expertise to design and implement such integrations in a way that ensures the data flows correctly to support the business processes and delivers the project benefits.  Our staff understands both the technical and the business issues involved in modifying business processes and integrating custom software, hardware solutions, and networks.


Quality Solutions Consulting (QSI) network support solutions monitor end-to-end response times, identify and remove bottlenecks, improve bandwidth utilization and implement more efficient management and maintenance practices.


Due to new technologies driving higher demands on the network, we understand the requirements for higher levels of availability, convenience and efficiency from organization’s networks.  Our staff can provide an organization’s solutions that optimize technology that is already in place using leading network technology tools such as Cisco and HP.


As the Navy and Marine Corps add more demands onto the network systems, the need to tune the network to achieve optimal performance will become critical. This tuning not only includes the Local Area Network (LAN), but also involves managed Wide Area Networks (WAN).  Quality Solutions Consulting (QSI) is experienced in all aspects of assessing and testing networks for end-to-end response times and traffic flows. We assess the network’s ability to handle specific loads and confirm that service levels are being met. When there appear to be bottlenecks or policing issues, we will identify and recommend changes to any system or policy impacting the flow of network traffic. 

QSI’s network assessments also provide recommendations based on ITIL standard practices to the operational processes of change, release, configuration, and asset management. We identify and document requirements for new services, review network designs, evaluate configurations and network diagrams, and construct test and release plans for introducing new technologies onto the existing network.