Requirements Definition

Quality Solutions Consulting team has extensive experience gathering, refining, and defining both business and technical requirements. Our approach, which is tailored to each program or project, typically includes requirements definition, requirements review, and requirements traceability. Our team is skilled at organizing and leading facilitated sessions with critical business users to identify and gather requirements.  After the requirements are gathered they are reviewed for approval.


We provide detailed requirements such as functional, quality, interface/data, security and control, content, technical, change enablement, service introduction, deployment, and all other requirements and constraints stated by business representatives, customers, and other stakeholders.


How QSI uses Requirements document: 

·         Our users and stakeholders use this document to ensure that all requirements are captured.

·         Our program managers use this document to monitor requirements and ensure alignment with business goals.


·         The project team uses this deliverable to validate that the requirements are complete and correct, that every requirement item is addressed by some components of the application, and that every application component is built to support some requirement items.

·         Our project managers use this deliverable to assess the impact of any requirements/scope changes.


·         Our project managers may assign responsibility for documenting traceability to a central team or assign responsibility to the team incorporating requirements such as the analysis, design, build, test, and deploy teams.


We believe it is critical to document the requirements and to maintain the bi-directional traceability between the high-level customer requirements, the detailed product requirements, and the various analysis, design, build, and test components (e.g., use cases, designs, test conditions), product functions/components, business areas, etc., throughout all stages of the project.


Requirements definition Process Flow at the Program Level:


Baseline Program Scope and Requirements > Review Program Scope Change Requests and Perform Change Control > Monitor Business Objectives and Requirements Alignment > Identify and Resolve Inconsistencies > Update Program Scope and Requirements as Needed.


·         Ensure that program scope requirements are base-lined and put under proper configuration management control. 

·         Confirm requests to change business requirements.     

·         Ensure that changes to scope and requirements follow the program's formally defined change control process.     

·         Document program requirement changes and rationale. Maintain bi-directional traceability between business requirements and high-level program requirements.     

·         Identify and resolve any inconsistencies between the business requirements and other program objectives.

·         Update program scope and requirements based on approved program scope changes and re-baseline.


Requirements definition Process Flow at the Project Level:


Baseline Project Scope and Requirements > Perform Scope and Requirements Change Control > Maintain Traceability of Requirements > Identify and Resolve Inconsistencies > Escalate to Program as Needed > Update Project Scope and Requirements as Needed.


·         Manage and control project scope and requirements. 

·         Confirm and agree high-level requirements. 

·         Ensure that project requirements are base-lined and put under proper configuration

        management control, and make sure any changes to scope and requirements follow the project's 

        defined change control procedures. 

·         Document requirements changes and rationale, and maintain bi-directional traceability between

        high-level requirements and all product and product component requirements. 

·         Identify and resolve any inconsistencies between the requirements and other project and

        program deliverables.