The Cloud

With the growth of Cloud computing, much activity and talk has been primarily focused on the Infrastructure of Private and Public clouds. QSI’s focus is on the Organizational aspect of the Cloud; specifically the business and IT utilization of the Cloud environment. We assist our clients with understanding the topology of their existing IT environment, and help map a process for the full utilization of the benefits of Cloud computing.


In the movement to Cloud technologies our focus is helping the Organizations adapt to the Cloud, and realize the full benefits that the Cloud has to offer.


QSI is our client’s trusted partner and advisor bring an agnostic vision and approach to our organizational centric services. The technology is second to the Organization’s needs and objectives.


We help our clients identify what they have, help strategize for low risk Cloud adoption and migrations of existing systems to the Cloud environment, jointly develop plans for, and the execution of the migration of systems to Cloud, and then assist with the Organizational Change Management.


·         Roadmap Development:

Assessment of Existing Environment

Organizational Impacts and Optimization

Risk Mitigation Strategies and Plans

‘As is’ and ‘To be’ models

Cost Benefit Analysis

                Application Licensing Impacts and Cost Delta’s

·         Organizational Change Management:

Business Process Reengineering

Organizational Staff assessments and ‘role migration’


·         Systems Migration:


Risk Profiles

Migration Execution




Cutover and systems retirement

·         Cloud Security / Cyber security:

Security requirements identification based on application and data

Security Audits

Intrusion and Threat Detection

·         Oversight:

Cloud Infrastructure Development

Systems Migration