Information Systems (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT)

QSI will leverage the knowledge base and lessons learned we have captured over the years to provide realistic and innovative solutions for addressing emerging technologies; e.g., virtualization, big data, cloud technologies, data storage, data replication, and mobile applications. This will allow the Navy and Marine Corps to take advantage of technological advances while maintaining strong risk mitigation, and cost savings task execution focus. In our past and on-going initiatives, we have taken a forward looking approach in which our engineers prepared periodic strategic and tactical plans; and conducted feasibility and affinity analyses of emerging technologies.

QSI has proven capabilities to support the full SDLC process with the focus on meeting the evolving data storage and reporting needs of programs and management.  QSI has decades of experience in the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) projects including the technical aspects of DDI phases. We have first hand practical experience in the various phases of a SDLC project using various SDLC methodologies (Agile, Spiral, etc.), including system software analysis, requirements definition, design, development, test, modification, installation, implementation, quality assurance, training, and documentation. One of our core focuses is the efficient and intelligent storage and use of information and data. Our team has experience in developing custom applications for the real time capture of data transactions, then the predictive analytics and modeling of the data for use by all levels of an organization. We understand that data in itself is a collection of facts, and reporting and interpretation turns the data into information. QSI is familiar with a verity of reporting tools and methodologies, and understand the ‘single version of truth’ concept centered in large database, data warehouse, and data mart systems.

As QSI is ‘technology agnostic’, the Navy and Marine Corps can be assured that we analyze tools, technologies and methodologies in order to provide our clients with the recommendations that will best serve their needs, mission objectives, and budgetary controls. We serve our clients, not ‘tool vendors’.


Our engineers can conduct a comprehensive analysis of Navy and Marine Corps systems and their supporting infrastructure. A key step in our process is to identify technical requirements supporting the needs for the assessment.  We can also support technical analysis aimed at developing recommendations and demonstrating the feasibility of meeting those requirements.  Our analysis will be tailored to meet Navy and Marine Corps specific requirements and will assess:

·         Navy and Marine Corps IT Strategy

·         Cost Saving Strategies

·         Inventory of Current Technology

·         Technical Standards, Specifications and Documentation

·         Internal Policies and Procedures

·         Critical and Immediate Needs

·         Software/ Data Fault Tolerance Strategy

·         End-Of-Life Upgrade/Replacement Plans

·         Technology Improvement Plan

·         Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

·         Scheduled Maintenance Plan

·         Risk analysis and mitigation

·         Archiving Strategy  

As new technologies are adopted and implemented, the support tools to monitor, manage, and maintain such technologies need to be upgraded. QSI can provide recommendations regarding the upgrading of existing tools.  We can assist the Navy and Marine Corps by performing a business systems impact analysis of any infrastructure changes. To reduce cost, the analysis will include documenting current capabilities, operating environments, scope of use, and recommendations for infrastructure modifications.  

QSI will perform objective analysis of existing IT and IS databases, web sites, and IT applications.  QSI always brings an objective and qualitative approach to any assessment. The decision as to what technology, and tools best serve our clients is dependent on our clients technical and resource base, the current technical environment, strategic plans for growth, and their unique organizational cultures and objectives. An informed assessment cannot be made solely on the technical specifications, or marketing material of various COTS or technology providers. It also is depended on knowing what works, and what does not. QSI is uniquely position to be a trusted partner to the Navy and Marine Corps in the objective assessment and recommendation development in the assessment of existing IT and IS databases, web sites, and IT applications. Our recommendations are detailed, objective, measurable and actionable. We understand that stake holders have different needs and objectives in adopting new, or replacing existing systems and technology. We make sure that our clients full needs are understood and factored into our recommendations.


At the request of the client, QSI will perform maintenance and technical support for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) that are outside the cognizance of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI). We understand that all applications are not within NMCI.  We have the ability to provide technical support for non-NMCI applications.


QSI is prepared to modify, implement and maintain web based information systems and links.  QSI has the technical experience and expertise, and the business knowledge to provide maintenance, and creation of web based systems and links.QSI is capable of modifying, implementing and maintaining web based information systems and links and also develop web-site structure, prepare documentation for population, implement and maintain web sites.


QSI can provide support for establishment, test, upgrade, and operational support of systems, networks, workstations and support equipment hardware and software.  QSI has the experience and ability to bring in specialized resources to support systems engineering and technical support for establishment, test, upgrade, and operational support of systems, networks, workstations and support equipment hardware and software. As we stated in the proposal, QSI has the methodologies and practical experience to support, and maintain systems using a proactive, risk focused approach. This allows us to offer our clients low risk, and competitively priced senior resources for specific and specialized skill sets.  With our focus on knowledge transfer, we will enable the Navy and Marine Corps staff to continue in the support of systems based on the knowledge and experience we will impart to them as part of the overall team.


QSI is qualified and prepared to conduct IA analyses, develop, recommend, and implement, monitor, update, and maintain, IA practices, procedures, equipments, algorithms, and hardware that are outside the cognizance of NMCI.  The QSI team understands, and can provide the Navy and Marine Corps with Information Assurance support.  QSI is committed, and in process of, achieving the status as a Fully Qualified Navy Corporate IA Validator.  QSI understands that it is desirable to apply IA analysis, design and implementation throughout the development lifecycle.  It is conducted at the outset as a means to describe and prioritize the information assurance needs of the business, and helps drive the capabilities and characteristics of the desired system to reduce risk.  This task helps reconcile different perspectives and coordinate subsequent analysis and design activities. Throughout the lifecycle design artifacts will be applied to meet DIACAP Certification and Accreditation (C&A) requirements. Key QSI benefits include;

·         We will build IA into our development and sustainment processes for efficient and low cost solutions that support business system timelines.

·         We will partner with the Navy and Marine Corps IA branches to streamlined processes, lower costs and timelines, and improve communication.  We will also build IA documentation (system diagrams, ConOps and system descriptions) into our CDA design deliverables where needed.


Any software will be designed in accordance with the Information Assurance practice of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.  We will follow the DoD guidelines for securing Unclassified but Sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure that sensitive data is not available to unauthorized users.  If needed, tools like Virtual Private Database (VPD) will be deployed and used to protect PII from exposure.  QSI will document the PII and sensitive information maintained in persistent storage (database tables and columns).  We will use this information to purge/conceal sensitive data when databases are replicated from a secure production/test environment to a less secure development or test environment. 


Our team has the necessary experience to coordinate with Government Information Assurance (IA) functional managers to support Information Assurance requirements as directed by CNO.  We are prepared and qualified to help define and implement the Navy and Marine Corps IA processes for Certification and Accreditation (C&A), Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and compliance.  Additionally, we designed and executed the annual Contingency and Cyber Incident Response (CIR) tests and report results to ensure FISMA compliance for all enterprise business systems and hosting enclaves.  We are prepared to provide system specifications and diagrams, mitigation plans, process flowcharts, and IA compliance documentation. We will work to build IA into Navy and Marine Corps development processes to reduce risk and cost.