Security / Cyber-security

Cyber Security:

Assessment - Vulnerability and Risk, Security compliance, organizational security optimization, we team with you to help you maintain a proactive and up to date security posture.

Social Engineering - Phishing, direct interaction, calls, we use various techniques to help identify risk points, and general understanding of and adherence to general security practices.

Organizational Optimization (Security Posture) - We help identify who needs the CISO’s security mandates and directives, and how the information is disseminated to those show need it. We help identify communications methods, and can develop compliance frameworks for long term use.

Application and Development Environment - Application structure, code, and how it’s designed all have significant risk profiles. We can help you identify improvement to your development practices and use automated tools to perform code review identifying existing vulnerabilities. We can help you mitigate risk proactively before they get built into the end product.